Thursday, May 12, 2016

"My A/C is on but not cooling!"

Potential issues: Refrigerant

A common summertime complaint is that your AC is on, set to "Cool" but not cooling! Prime suspect is the Refrigerant. Get your Preventative Maintenance service done now before temperatures start soaring!

In the short run, a low refrigerant charge or low refrigerant levels will cause your HVAC system's efficiency levels to go down and your utility bills to go up. In the long run, running your outdoor heat pump or a/c unit on low or undercharged refrigerant will cause your unit to overheat and will result in additional charges to the cost of repair.

Recharging the system will return it to its proper operating state, however, if a refrigerant leak is not located and repaired, the system will suffer the same problem again depending on how quickly it loses refrigerant charge.

Ease to fix : 2
Cost to fix : $$

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Smart thermostats make smart decisions

Programmable thermostats have long been considered an effective tool to help homeowners manage the operation of their heating and cooling systems. Consumers can program the thermostat so the heating or cooling system comes on and goes off at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week.
At one time, programmable thermostats were the darlings of energy efficiency. Too often, though, consumers don’t program their thermostat or program it incorrectly. In fact, some studies supported by the U.S. EPA state that programmable thermostats can actually increase energy consumption if not properly programmed. 
When Dallas resident Alan Prather decided it was time to ditch his old non-programmable thermostat in an effort to reduce his energy bills, he looked at all of his options, including a programmable thermostat. Instead, though, he invested a little more money into a new type of thermostat; one that learns the schedule and temperature preferences of the homeowner and creates a personalized schedule based on temperature setting preferences and activity in the home.
Learning thermostats – also known as smart thermostats – can cost upwards of $200, but Prather feels they’re worth the investment. During the scorching Dallas summers, prior to installing his learning thermostat, Prather says his energy bills would exceed $300. This summer, they were down to about $200.
“I love it,” Prather says. “My air conditioning bills were beginning to get really outrageous. Anything you can do to get the most out of what you’ve got without having to spend $10,000 to $15,000 without replacing the whole (HVAC system) is a good thing. In three months, it paid for itself. “

Think gravity

Heat rises. During those hot summer months, the heat in your home will rise to the ceiling or the second floor of your home. To help that hot air on its way out of your home, fans can be a great tool. 
Either ceiling fans or standing fans help move the air around the room, creating a cooler environment for your family. Good air circulation helps your home maintain an even temperature, giving your HVAC a chance to work less.

Make sure that your vents are clean and open

It may be obvious but it is truly remarkable what you may not notice about your own home. Vents can be accidentally shut for cleaning purposes and never reopened. If you notice an unusually warm room or area in your home, don’t forget to check the vent. 
A clean vent also keeps debris from flowing through your home. Dirt and dust can easily collect and can be overlooked; be sure to focus on the inside of your home as well as the outside and ensure your vent and air filters are in good condition.

Protect your HVAC unit from sun and debris

An awning or tree can provide shade to your unit and cut energy consumption while helping your unit operate more smoothly. However, note that shrubbery or branches that can get into the system and can hinder the systems performance and may lead to permanent damage.

Don’t forget about your air filters.

Air filters should be replaced monthly to promote a more efficient system performance. Clogged or dirty air filters can cause a disrupt in the airflow and even lead to health concerns.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to control your HVAC units even when you’re not there. Match your thermostat to your schedule, use a timer for when you leave for work and when you come home, set it for particular rooms, and even set specific temperatures.